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This book is a great addition to any library. Learn what our Founding Fathers really thought and spoke of in this very professional full color book by B.A. Brooks.

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One of my many projects that I founded in an attempt to help others. My personal answer to The NAU/SPP. I still believe in this concept and I still believe in the humanity inside of people in general. I can only hope that this program has helped to inspire others to help their fellow brothers and sisters. Looking at all of my work over the past 5 years as a collective, this is what I am most proud of. People helping people. I still hold great hope for humanity! Much love and respect to you all..... B.A. Brooks




The Government has labeled you a terrorist
The military machine has been put in place
Death is knocking on your door
Are you home?




We, the People, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are endowed with certain naturally Inherent, Inborn, Innate, Ingrained, Instinctive, Intuitive and Inalienable Rights of Sovereign Freewill, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  And that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these Rights, it is the right of the People to institute new Mechanisms of Protection and Balance for peaceful relations. 


You will find the answers to these questions and more within the pages of this site!
Will The U.S. Economy Collapse?, Was the swine flu generated in a U.S. bio lab?, Will the swine flu be used to implement martial law?, Will Oil Rise to $500+?, What Is Weather Modification?,  What Are Chemtrails?,  Why are our local police forces being militarized? Who is behind all the proposed Gun & Ammo Ban Laws, Does the U.S. Government release bio terror? Was aids manufactured? Can Bio weapons be race specific? Have big pharma companies released bio weapons in pills around the world? Is global warming real? Is Obama a Muslim? Is Osama Bin Laden really dead? When was Osama Bin Laden killed? Does The U.S. Torture?, What Is H.A.A.R.P.?, What is The NWO?, Is the Federal Reserve Federal?, Are Vaccinations Safe?, How Long Before Our Water Runs Out?,  Did the CIA kill JFK? What Is Depleted Uranium?, What Is The Real Death Count In Iraq?, Is America A Police State?, What Is The Real ID?, What is The SPP/NAU?, Are Militias Good?, Will Martial Law Be Ordered And Enforced?, Will War Come To America? Are there really FEMA Camps in America?, What is hyper inflation? What secret deals are being made between China and The U.S.? What is the U.S. dollar really worth worldwide? Is the internet really owned and operated by the U.S. department of defense? Are all emails, texts, phone calls, and web clicks really monitored? Am I really just a Slave? What are the real IRS income tax laws?, Who is Margie Schoedinger?,  What is the Illuminati? Who and what is Blackwater really? Is there really a small group of people called Bildergerg who control the world? Is the U.S. Congress really owned by Corporate America? Who are the Oath Keepers? Why are Census takers using GPS to mark American homes?,  Have you been marked as a right wing extremist by DHS? Are there really over one million people on the terrorism watch list?, What did Iraq have to do with 9/11?, Will U.S. law enforcement and active military act upon illegal / unconstitutional orders against American citizens? Why does the government care if you have made the digital television conversion? Can nonlethal government weapons really kill people? Are there DHS blimps flying over American skies? What is a black op? Is America becoming a socialist, Marxist or fascist country? Are you afraid of your government? Do the police scare you now? Are you free?


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With all of the Government and Military Corruption Exposed Within This Site, It Is Easy To Understand Why Americans Do Not Trust Our Leadership Any Longer And Why These Factions Are Now Trying To Make Concerned U.S. Citizens Appear To Be Right Wing Extremists!


My promise to The U.S. Government, Military and Law enforcement: If you can debunk or show me that any news story on this site is false, I will quickly present your evidence on this site. B.A. Brooks

I urge all active Military and Law Enforcement Join Oath Keepers now!

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