The UAFF Answer to The NAU/SPP

What we offer is hope. Hope for the future, hope for Mankind. If you are hungry, a C.A.M member will feed you. If you are without shelter, you and your family will be welcome to pitch a tent at any of our C.A.M. properties throughout North America. People Helping People is what C.A.M. is all about. This is our answer to The North American Union.

Canada - America - Mexico

Creating An Intensive Network Of People Helping People!

Canadians helping Canadians, Americans helping Americans and Mexicans helping Mexicans.




Our Mission Statement

1. The North American Network's mission is to re-establish and solidify the boarders of Canada, America and Mexico where C.A.M. Networks throughout each of these Countries will provide care and assistance for their own perspective citizens and members.

2. To Restore the Constitutions of all three Countries to their original declarations.

3. To change current government policy, bills and laws by legal means such as nonviolent protests, signature campaigns, and becoming active in our individual countries political arenas.

4. Local and national C.A.M. Networks in Canada, America and Mexico will set up food banks through extensive food drives and work with local and national humanitarian organizations to help feed the hungry people of each nation.

5. Through land and cash donations, properties will be setup to help individuals in need of shelter. Although we will not refuse help to any individual or group, C.A.M. Networks throughout Canada, America and Mexico will not help any person with an illegal status of any kind. C.A.M. Network Leaders will direct these people to networks in their own individual Countries for the assistance that they require.

6. All Networks in Canada, America, and Mexico will be started and maintained by citizens that are dedicated to C.A.M. principals and goals. Anyone can start a C.A.M. Network in their local area by starting food drives, building food banks, working with humanitarian organizations, and raising awareness by building your on local C.A.M. website.

7. People of Canada, America and Mexico are all very proud of their heritage and our goal is to return each Country to its original state as it was before the constitutions of all three were eradicated.

The North American Network

"People Helping People"

"Anyone Can Start or Join A C.A.M. Network"

"C.A.M. Members Come From Every Walk Of  Life"


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Remember, Don't battle the government with guns.
Beat them Beat them in court, and in your state legislature!