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Remember, Don't battle the government with guns.
Beat them in court, and in your state legislature!

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How Do I Get More Involved?

#1. Make a decision to begin making a difference yourself, in the real world as well as the internet. We have all done as much as we can on the internet and now is the time to meet up and connect with others in the real world.
#2. Make an official webpage or website for your new group. You can host a website for as low as $5 a month and there are many free services out there like www.MySpace.com and www.YouTube.com that you can utilize if you have no funds. www.Meetup.com is also another great source for finding your new members.
#3. Start recruiting new members and holding weekly meetings for information exchange.
#4. Connect with other groups & organizations in your area and across America.

This is a great way to get started and I hope this information will help you all. We have got to organize in the real world or all will be lost. We are not living out Revelations! This is just another dark time in the history of our world, and with all of your help, Evil will not prevail! Step up now and start making a difference. You can always email me at: bertbrooks and I will assist you any way I can. Use the information on this web site to prepare for the future. Stock up on food and water, buy seeds, grow a garden! Visit Survival City USA to help prepare your family.