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Singer Morrissey In Hospital After Collapse


There is an entire internet world out there that few see. If you want to find out more about what I am talking about, try this little experiment. Go to Google search page and type in: ww1. then type in ww2., and continue on until you grow tired. ww54. .

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Fake Video Can Convince Witnesses to Give False Testimony

NASA Rocket to Create Clouds Tuesday

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New Book Reveals the Real Reason Women Have Sex

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China Wal-Mart employees detained in shopper's death

Shocking Stories Photo Gallery

A cordless future for electricity?

China to start building an orbital space station in 2020

Sony Sides With Google in ‘Library of Future’ Settlement

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Central Texas Command Center V5.0

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Cynthia McKinney

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Secret Space Volume 1, The Illuminati’s Conquest of Space

Code 144, The Secret of the Universe

Iran launches new tourism website

Somali Islamists Cut Off Hands and Feet of 4 Thieves

The Reptilian Pact (The "Secret Pact", the "Secret Covenant")

Sonic Black Hole Traps Sound Waves

Mulberry mayor attacked by live-in cross-dresser

Weird Hexadecimal Code and Possible Warning in Telegraph’s Operation Blackjack Part 5

Porn Industry Hit With 16 Confirmed HIV Cases

Georgia Contractor Using GPS Coordinates, Not Street Address, Demolishes Wrong House

First Planet in Another Galaxy Possibly Found

Toddler Has Same IQ Score as Stephen Hawking

N.C. man accused of arranging wife's rape on Craigslist

The Plot To Seize The White House

Iraqi Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Math Puzzle in Four Months

Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth

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Drew Peterson charged with murder, authorities say

300 Stray Dogs Dumped on Island Turn to Cannibalism

Painting prostitutes, Pakistani brushes off religious hard-liners

Astronomers take virtual plunge into black hole

LOST and Found: Senate Moves Toward Ratification of U.N.'s 'Law of the Sea Treaty'

Headset that will mimic all 5 senses and make the virtual world as convincing as real life

New Norway law bans buying of sex

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UK troops to leave Iraq 'by July'

Police thwart Moscow rally, seize 90-130

Love Machine: Man Lives With Female Robot

State Silences 8-Year-Old Guitarist


Charged Blackwater guards ID'd: All decorated vets

Slew of Warnings on Nuclear, Biological Terrorism Prompt Worries of Fearmongering

Iran detains terrorists carrying Israeli arms

Nepal's Buddha boy returns to jungle to meditate

Florida Teen Commits Suicide Live on Web Cam

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Will The Slaughter Of Iraqis By The US Military Ever Be Reported?

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Palestine Pre-1947 and After

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Neb. parents rush to leave kids before law changes

Devotees flock to Buddha reincarnation in Nepal

Burma activists sentenced to 65 years each in draconian crackdown

Slain woman was part of KKK initiation ritual, St. Tammany sheriff says

The Truth About Al Qaeda
Required reading for all members

China offers military bootcamp to 4 million internet addicts

Police crackdown on German nuclear waste train protests

Twenty die on Russian submarine

Monks brawl at Christian holy site in Jerusalem

Egypt denies entry to bin Laden's son

Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are cousins!

Thousands attack police in southern China

Anthrax scare shuts down busy El Cerrito street

Milwaukee paper receives packet labeled "anthrax"

3 Pa. courthouses receive anthrax scare letters

Freedom Fighter Radio Host Arrested For Free Speech at Polling Place

The rebirth of Africa's rogue army

On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up

The Indian Wars Have Never Ended - The Killing Leroy Jackson

Israeli archaeologists unearth 12,000-year-old shaman skeleton

Rape victim, 13, stoned to death in Somalia

Schoolboy, 15, held as terror suspect after taking photos of railway station for GCSE project

U.S. border police arrest Mexican troops

German government bodies have mounted the Google resistance

Syrians stage mass anti-US rally

Judge rules on addresses for homeless voters

US smashes child prostitute rings

Germany will not participate in EU proposals for airports to use full-body scanner checks

United States Ranked 36th In The World For Press Freedom

Bill Gates' mysterious new company

LAPD chief warns of terror threat before election

US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

Kick out prostitutes from our hotels, demand Nordic MEPs

Pensioner sues police over damage to her signed picture of Hitler

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Texas to execute ten men in one month

Human heads sent to Mexico police

A harsh lesson for Germany, courtesy of its socialist past

Colin Powell: “There’s going to be a crisis come along on the 21st or 22nd of January that we don’t even know about right now.”

India launches first moon mission

Russia, Iran and Qatar discuss forming gas cartel says: Regulate the internet

MSNBC: U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO


Disappearing act: The invisibility cloak that will be ready in five years

Civilian dead are a trade-off in Nato's war of barbarity

Delta Force officer: US officials stopped plans to kill bin Laden

Internet in Canada will be going dark to prevent leaks of election results

BBC's future bleak, says John Simpson

Blair admits they lied about Iraq's 'mass graves'

NASA IBEX Spacecraft To Explore The Edges Of Our Solar System

Amnesty condemns Saudi executions

North Korea agrees to dismantle nuclear plant

U.S. takes North Korea off terrorism blacklist

"Secret" Executions Being Carried Out in Saddam's Old Intelligence Headquarters

Alarm Over Plan to Transfer Jerusalem Land to Russia

N Korea 'building atomic warhead

Prophet bride book appears in US

U.S. official says online drug videos threaten teens

Chinese Police Units Begin Entering US To Protect Assets

Blackwater Machine Gun Found in Raid on Iraqi Insurgents

'Holocaust denier' arrested at Heathrow

Spain holds 121 over child porn

Phoenix detects Red Planet snow

Child bodies found in US freezer

McCains Defaulted On Home Taxes For Last Four Years, Newsweek Reports

Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space

Legendary actor Paul Newman dies at age 83

Swiss man flies over Channel on jet wing

China's astronauts in orbit, prepare for spacewalk

The Secret of How the Titanic Sank

Educate Yourself- Mind Control The Ultimate Terror, “OPERATION MONARCH”

Welcome to Physical Physic's by William E Assmus III

U.K. Report Finds Emerging Threats In Space

Pink Floyd member Richard Wright dies at age 65

Education is Our Greatest Weapon

New American Drug Lords

Must See Videos

U.S. treachery shocks Iraqis

ACLU challenges FISA update with first legal brief

Rogue Israeli Mossad-British Team Behind French Students Assassination

Free Information About The Law And The Courts

Lauderdale Pilots Face Uncertain Future - CIA Drug Plane Scandal Heating Up

Who defines Armenia killings as genocide?

Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

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Has the First Extraterrestrial (Computer) Virus Been Discovered on the Space Station?

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Rapper Dr. Dre's son dies at 20

Dead animals found in pot, freezer in Vt. home

Ex-Thai PM fails to attend court

Soul icon Isaac Hayes dies at 65

Actor and Comedian Bernie Mac Dies at Age 50

President John F.Kennedy, The Federal Reserve And Executive Order 11110

Bulgarian archaeologists discover ancient chariot

10 Deepest Lakes on Earth

Reports: Maddie taken by pedophile ring

Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?


Jane Fonda betrayed U.S. POW's During Vietnam War

Malaysia's Anwar charged with sodomy

USS Liberty and the NSA: One Deceit Too Many?

Anti-Obama Bloggers Say They Were Silenced

Iggy Pop, Stooges' gear stolen after Montreal show

140 killed in India temple stampede

No Escape: Male on Male Rape In U.S. Prisons

Mexico probes online 'hitmen ads'

The Death Of Nikola Tesla

Tajmar Experiment at IASA / HSC


Are mobile phones wiping out our bees?

A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension

How do you define your nationality?

Video: Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Announcement

Gunman kills senior Mexican policeman in restaurant

The Mass Media Division of UNESCO

A Pipeline Through A Troubled Land

USS Liberty: Government Betrayal & Cover-Up Finally Exposed

I signed "Don't Attack Iran" And I invite you to join me!

Call on America's leaders to shut down Guantánamo

4th Amendment: Rest in Peace - Cindy Sheehan

Report: More secret documents found on London train

Intellectual Violence

The United States Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation!

US $700 million Iraq Embassy bigger than The Vatican

Proven Facts & Tools Required For Citizens To Save The Country

Federal Reserve Holds Iraq's $50bn Hostage With Military Deal

Can Truth Retain Its Independence?

Acoustic cloak could hide ships, noisy neighbors

Fascism: The night of broken glass in Rome

Settlers arrested after videotaped beating of Palestinians

More News

In May 2008, a 98 year-old Polish lady named Irena Sendler died.
During WWII, she got permission to work in the
Warsaw Ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist but she had an ulterior motive. She KNEW of the Nazi's plans for the Jews. Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and, in the back of her truck, she had a burlap sack for the larger children. She had a dog in the back of the truck that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the noise of the children. She managed to smuggle out and save 2,500 children before she was caught; the Nazis broke both her legs and her arms and beat her severely. Irena kept a record of the names of all the children that she smuggled out which she kept in a glass jar buried under a tree in her back yard. After the War, she tried to locate any parents that had survived and reunited the families. Most, of course, had been gassed but she helped those children to be placed into foster family homes or adopted. In 2007, Irena was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but was not selected. Al Gore won - for a slide show on Global Warming!

Dr. Deagle
The most important and comprehensive video you will ever see


Inslaw / PROMIS

Based on their knowledge and belief, the Hamiltons [William and Nancy, owners of Inslaw] have alleged that high level officials in the Department of Justice conspired to steal the Enhanced PROMIS software system. As an element of this theft, these officials, who included former Attorney General Edwin Meese and Deputy Attorney General Lowell Jensen, forced INSLAW into bankruptcy by intentionally creating a sham contract dispute over the terms and conditions of the contract which led to the withholding of payments due INSLAW by the Department. The Hamiltons maintain that, after driving the company into bankruptcy, Justice officials attempted to force the conversion of INSLAW's bankruptcy status from Chapter 11: Reorganization to Chapter 7: Liquidation. They assert that such a change in bankruptcy status would have resulted in the forced sale of INSLAW'S assets, including Enhanced PROMIS to a rival computer company called Hadron, Inc., which, at the time, was attempting to conduct a hostile buyout of INSLAW. Hadron, Inc., was controlled by the Biotech Capital Corporation, under the control of Dr. Earl Brian, who was president and chairman of the corporation. The Hamilton's assert that even though the attempt to change the status of INSLAW's bankruptcy was unsuccessful, the Enhanced PROMIS software system was eventually provided to Dr. Brian by individuals from the Department with the knowledge and concurrence of then Attorney General Meese who had previously worked with Dr. Brian in the cabinet of California Governor Ronald Reagan and later at the Reagan White House. According to the Hamiltons, the ultimate goal of the conspiracy was to position Hadron and the other companies owned or controlled by Dr. Brian to take advantage of the nearly 3 billion dollars, worth of automated data processing upgrade contracts planned to be awarded by the Department of Justice during the 1980's. Information obtained by the Hamiltons through sworn affidavits of several individuals, including Ari Ben- Menashe, a former Israeli Mossad officer, and Michael Riconosciuto, an individual who claims to have ties to the intelligence community, indicated that an element of this ongoing criminal enterprise by Mr. Meese, Dr. Brian and others included the modification of the Enhanced PROMIS software by individuals associated with the world of covert intelligence operations. The Hamiltons claim the modification of Enhanced PROMIS was an essential element of the enterprise, because the software was subsequently distributed by Dr. Brian to intelligence agencies internationally with a "back door" software routine, so that U.S. intelligence agencies could covertly break into the system when needed. The Hamiltons also presented information indicating that PROMIS had been distributed to several Federal agencies, including the FBI, CIA, and DEA.


The Inslaw Affair

Federal Corruption INSLAW

Desertfae- Exposing the Octopus!

Only On News 3: Secret Government Program Linked To Local Murders?
Make sure you watch the video linked on this page!!!!

The INSLAW Octopus


Inslaw 2008 Company Profile


New - Rather rails at government, corporate sway on media

Journalist Dan Rather, who recently filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS for wrongful dismissal, says the U.S. government and large corporations have undue influence over newsrooms.

"Democracy cannot survive, much less thrive, with the level of big corporate and big government interference and intimidation in the news," Rather said on CNN's Larry King Live on Thursday night.

The 75-year-old former CBS News anchor is seeking $20 million US in compensation and $50 million US in punitive damages, saying the network made him a "scapegoat" when they dismissed him in March 2005. He claims the network decided not to back him up on a story about President George W. Bush's military service in order to curry favour with the Bush administration.


July 12th, 2008 - Washington, D.C. - NOW IS THE TIME! - Ron Paul March!


15-20,000 People MARCH on DC July 12th 2008

Webmaster Comment: I salute each and every patriot that marched in DC. and took the time out of their busy lives to show how much they care about this country. What I can not believe is, how low the numbers were for this event that was so well planned.  It speaks volumes about America's current condition. A lot of people talking and no one one really doing anything. More people show up for a local  rock concert or football game than attended this March. Maybe more people will show up for the next march on September 1st and 2nd in Minnesota.


Update 07/29/08: I have been receiving many emails asking if Ron Paul really quit the election and what are their best options now, so I wrote the Ron Paul camp and asked these questions. below is the response that I received.

Mr. Brooks,
Ron Paul is no longer seeking the presidency.  He has not endorsed any candidate at this time.
Ron Paul understood that the Republican nomination was out of reach and felt that Campaign for Liberty would be a better vehicle to advance the message of freedom.
Campaign for Liberty

It is my opinion that something more is to Ron Paul dropping out of the elections than we know!

Campaign For Liberty



Operation Paperclip

Welcome to Operation Paperclip

Hosto, Buchan, Prater & Lawrence, PLLC
July 2008  Please urge your readers to fight every letter and lawsuit brought by Hosto & Butthead. They run an assembly line on lawsuits with almost no documents to back them up. The baby lawyers go to court having no idea of what they are doing. All they care about is their quota of payments and judgments. Almost every time a consumer lawyer shows up representing a client, H&B will drop the suit. They do not care about if it's legal as long as the money keeps flowing. These are some of the worst debt collectors you will ever encounter so show up when they sue, fight them and you will win.


Britain Launches Final Real-Life Skynet Satellite, Dubs it Skynet with No Sense of Irony

Skynet 5C satellite ready for launch on 30 May

Construction of Loral Skynet's Telstar 11N Satellite Begins at Space Systems/Loral

British Skynet satellite launched

Skynet 4 Military Satellite, United Kingdom

Skynet (satellites)

Nuclear Explosion Occurs Near Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake

Boxun News, a Chinese-language Web site based outside China, reported that an unnamed expert has claimed that there was a nuclear explosion near the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, based on witness reports and the discovery of concrete rubble believed to have come from an underground military installation. The news of this nuclear explosion has raised questions about the cause of the earthquake.  Mr. He, a local resident, stated that when the earthquake occurred on May 12, people saw something erupt from the top of a mountain next to the valley, "It looked like toothpaste being squeezed out," said He. "No, it wasn't [magma]. It was these concrete pieces. The eruption lasted about three minutes."

China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake


Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003 and had not begun any program to produce them, a CIA report concludes.


Resources for bringing the Guard home


The United States Supreme Court is to begin hearing arguments in a landmark case about the country's gun laws. It is the first time in nearly 70 years that Americans' right to keep and bear arms is being debated in court. The nine justices will decide whether to uphold or overturn the handgun ban in Washington DC, but their decision could have a national impact. The debate, which has raged for many years, is centered on whether the Second Amendment of the US Constitution protects an individual's right to possess guns, or simply a collective right for an armed militia.

The Right To Bear Arms And Serve In A State Militia In Question

H.R. 1022 Assault Weapons Ban / Law Enforcement Protection Act of 2007

Defenders of the constitution, The FBI considers you an extremist and a terrorist. (Click the link below)



Strange News Stories

Arrest made in ESPN reporter voyeur video case

'Sextortion' is latest issue pushing Letterman into spotlight

Inmate escapes German jail in box

The theme park's 'cage of death' that drops tourists into a crocodile's lair

Cops Catch U.S. Illuminati Agent


13 golf balls found inside 'rattling' dog

Groom charged with being too near bride at wedding

NASA Mars photo leaked - wood found on mars!

Bus passenger beheaded on Canada Prairies

Golden retriever adopts tiger cubs at Kansas zoo

U.S. Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell: Aliens Exist, “It’s Been Well Covered Up by All Our Governments”

Dog rescues woman from kangaroo

Wife carrying contest

Dead Scientists

Genesis 6 Giants

Planet X Video

The Location Of Planet X

Planet X disproved

Harrington died in January 1993, without having found Planet X. That same year, Myles Standish used data from Voyager 2's 1989 flyby of Neptune, which had revised the planet's total mass downward by 0.5%—an amount comparable to the mass of Mars—to recalculate its gravitational effect on Uranus. When Neptune's newly determined mass was used in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Developmental Ephemeris (JPL DE), the supposed discrepancies in the Uranian orbit vanished. Moreover, there are no discrepancies in the trajectories of any space probes such as Pioneer 10, Pioneer 11, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 that can be attributed to the gravitational pull of a large undiscovered object in the outer Solar System. As of 2008, the overwhelming consensus among astronomers is that Planet X, as Lowell defined it, does not exist.

Secret chamber may solve Mexican pyramid mystery

Strange Inscribed Rock Unearthed Near Roswell, NM Has Scientists Baffled

Fake Alien Abductions Conducted by Shadow Government Para-Military Operatives (MILABS)

White boy, 12, suspected of being Islamic extremist recruit after he showed videos to classmates

E. Howard Hunt Deathbed Confession: was accessory to assassinating JFK

Lindbergh's deranged quest for immortality

Astronomers find batch of “super-Earths”

Fifth human foot found in Canada?

Killer Robots Coming Soon to a City Near You


The World Resistance Movement


art.protest.ap.jpgAnti-Islam Film Maker Faces Legal Row

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The Dutch lawmaker who released a film which is hostile toward Islam and features a controversial image of the Prophet Mohammed faced legal action and international criticism Friday, a day after he posted the movie online. The Danish Union of Journalists said it was suing lawmaker Geert Wilders for using a caricature of the prophet drawn by one of its members, newspaper political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.  It said Wilders used the picture -- which shows Mohammed with a turban shaped like a bomb -- without permission. The European Union said the 15-minute film, posted on a London-based Web site, only inflamed hatred. Iran's Foreign Ministry called the movie "anti-Islamic and insulting" and it called on the EU, the Netherlands, and Britain to take action to put an end to its showing, the official IRNA news agency reported. The film, titled "Fitna," opens with Westergaard's controversial caricature, followed by translated portions of Islam's holy book, the Quran.

Film Critical of Islam Dropped From Web Site

Mahathir urges Muslims to boycott Dutch products

Watch Fitna the Movie Here (English)

Download Fitna the Movie Here (Right click save link as)

Personal Comment: I have been hearing about this movie release for some time now. There has been many news articles written about Fitna, most of which were in a negative context. Witnessing global demonstrations and negative news reports all which took place before it was ever seen by any of these people reporting and demonstrating shows me the depth of ignorance of all parties involved. The first thing I noticed is that Geert did not fill the movie with his own personal comments and feelings, but used only actual real footage of Muslims doing very terrible things in the name of Allah while calling for the death of all Americans or westerners at the same time. He also uses quotes from the Quran/Koran, which also call for violence, in between the Islamic clips. Everything in the movie is a mirror of reality and is all real footage, so I do not see how anyone can be offended. After watching the video myself, I can not understand why all of the non Muslims are not protesting around the world. People of non Muslim faiths are the ones that should be angered over the contents of this movie. Why? Because every word and image in the 15 minute mini movie are all real and true news clips. It is not like there are actors portraying Muslims in the movie. I personally respect the right for all people to worship what ever God that they wish, but to me any faith that needs religious police -- the Mutaween - to enforce it's will on all of the people has major problems within it's structure, or walls. Believe me when I say that I do understand how much America is hated around the  globe and it is well understood why, but the barbarism that is carried out daily in the name of Allah and the Islamic religion is horrific. Most of these atrocities are carried out on innocent people of their own faith. In my opinion martyrs or suicide bombers are nothing more than cowards, murderers and tools used by the radical religious elite. So the bottom line is that Muslims need to clean their houses of the radical's amongst their communities and take care of business themselves so we can all live in peace.

B.A. Brooks


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