Destroying The U.S. Surveillance Network

September 20th 2009
By: B.A. Brooks

I have heard that people are destroying all of the new surveillance cameras on highways and stoplights with high power rifles. Probably using a scope from long distances. I'm now assuming that these are people who do not want to be monitored and or spied on.  I find this very interesting, because it is happening all across The U.S.! Is this the true beginnings of leaderless resistance?

If you have not noticed what has been being put in place over the last few months across America, the next time you go for a drive take a closer look. Surveillance cameras are being systematically placed on stop lights, buildings and highways from coast to coast, many which use a solar panel for power. Most of the solar powered units are on a pole that rises up about 25 feet in the air and can see in all directions. The all seeing eye is looking at you. What are these cameras used for and who is looking at the videos? The answers might just surprise you! I do not believe that most people have any idea what busy little beavers our security agencies and military have really been. Modeling the UK surveillance grid, our own government are now installing camera networks city by city. If you have not seen these yet in your local area, you will soon. These camera networks are all being tied together using many methods including a huge reliance on military  and some civilian satellites orbiting the earth. Most cities think these systems are just for them to use, when in reality it is to be used by federal and national agencies for a total police state control grid. You, what you do and where you go will all now be monitored. Your license plate will be scanned constantly for outstanding warrants or red flags connected to your name while also tracking your movements day and night. It seems that many Americans are not going to simply comply and are using the cameras for target practice. Using high powered rifles and scopes, people all across America are taking out these systems one at a time. (Bam/Pow/Pop)... This is an interesting development because it came from no order or command that I am aware of. It is just happening on its own in the true nature of leaderless resistance. What is The NSA and DHS going to do now? Install more cameras to watch the original cameras? I hear that people are even taking the solar panels off of the highway systems after the cameras are disabled. It is widely known that any basic red laser from the dollar store will temporarily disable a security camera and that a green laser will permanently destroy a video camera, but shooting them with guns is a new one to me. People are slowly waking up and they are not liking what they see. Plain and simple. Once Americans started reading the constitution and also seeing what our founding fathers left for us to learn from in books and quotes, there is no denying right from wrong, good from evil or fascism served under any guise even when using fear as a motive to etch away the liberties of our society. I do not condone such acts as shooting at government objects, but at the same time find myself very interested that it is happening all the same. It is not that I am happy people are risking jail time by destroying government property, but it is the act of defiance that intrigues me. I always wondered if or when people would have the stomach or the nerve to stand up and do something, and now I realize that we do. We all do! Who are the ones that are doing all the shooting? That is the big question. Could it be Teenagers?  Militia Members? Right wing extremists? Al-Qaeda terror cells? Maybe it is some new group of terrorists that just really hate cameras..........  hmmmmmmmm. I will look further into that one..... (wink/smile).. I think it is probably just regular, everyday normal citizens that have had enough and are drawing their own individual lines in the sand by saying "No More". Maybe it is your next door neighbor, or your co-worker.... Maybe it is your brother or sister.... Your father...... Maybe even your Grandfather..... Mom? hmmmmm I do not know that answer. No one knows and that is the big mystery that many law enforcement officers are now scratching their heads and asking: "Who is shooting up our new total police state camera grid and why would anyone do such a terrible thing"?

Maybe it is because evil will never prevail......................

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