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December 2009


Good Samaritans Return Wallet Stuffed With $5,000

Manpower Expands Military Recruitment for Australia

Passengers Help Stop Possible Terror Attack On Detroit Bound Plane

Arrow Trucking shuts down, thousands of truck drivers stranded

US woman charged over threat to kill Michelle Obama

In Pakistan, militants blow up three more schools

Salvation Army major shot dead in Arkansas on Christmas Eve


China jails dissident for 11 years for subversion

Website to keep track of UN missions sex offenses

Pope Knocked Down by Woman at Christmas Mass

Israel Admits Harvesting Palestinian Organs


Martha Rose Crow baked me this Christmas cookie! emm emm good

Thanks Martha!

Obama Orders All On ‘Red List’ Disappeared By March 1st 

Under the radar, Obama pushes for Patriot Act renewalean.com/index1313.htm"> Obama Orders All On‘Red List' Disappeared By March 1st

Under the radar, Obama pushes for Patriot Act renewal

Red Alert: Obama Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order

Venezuela, China Sign Oil Deals

FBI files on Michael Jackson published online

Colombian State Governor Found Dead Day After Being Kidnapped

9/11 Drug Pilot & Operation Blue Lightning

Former presidential candidate unconscious and in serious condition

Operation Softkill: Street Drugs Used for Population Control

Pakistan court orders men's ears, noses hacked off

CIA links to the torture of Palestinians

There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government

Israel to seek another 1b euros Holocaust in reparations from Germany

World Net Daily Poll Solicits Gift Ideas For Obama: "Arrest Warrant;" "Ticket Back to Kenya"

I do many things behind the scenes that nobody really knows about, here is just one. In early 2009 I sent some pretty harsh letters to the President of Columbia regarding FARC Rebels. I basically told him exactly what I thought about the situation and urged him to either take care of business or ask for military assistance in taking back the control of his country. Within months of my correspondence FARC was eradicated and today I received this card from Columbia.

S.D. projects get nearly $40 million in defense bill

Terrorist attack feared after Jackson arrest
Fear + Fear = More Fear - Ridiculous

The Common Denominator

Nuclear war is not solely a mushroom cloud

Army Again Turns to Depleted Uranium for New Weaponry

First Jesus-era house discovered in Nazareth

Indigenous delegates ask Pope to repudiate Doctrine of Discovery

World's Sole Military Superpower's 2 Million-Troop, $1 Trillion Wars

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama, is Preparing for War in South America

Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists

Are YOU The 100th Monkey?

RAND Corporation Blueprint for Militarized “Stability Police Force”

Eurostar trains suspended for third day

Israel Harvested Organs Without Families' Permission

Saudi Warplanes Rain '1,011 Missiles' on Yemen

Chavez: U.S. Spy Plane Violated Venezuela's Airspace

Colombia beefs up forces on border with Venezuela

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

British troops to get first new camouflage in 40 years


U.S. Prison Population to Drop for First Time in 4 Decades

4 Trains Carrying 2,000 People Were Stuck Overnight Under English Channel

Iraq Sends Troops to Oil Well Seized by Iran

Video: Why is Blackwater in the Philippines?

Video: Barack Obama Says That The US. Government Will Go Bankrupt

NATO jets shadow Russian bombers over Arctic, Atlantic

Its Hard to Kill a "Dead Man"

Video: Why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world

*****2010 Food Crisis for Dummies*****

Agenda 21 Map

Missouri Billboard

U.S. Military/Government Prepares For Civil War

Predator Class Warfare

A Christmas Message - 2009

Russia Admits Swirl Was From Missile Launch

Iraqi insurgents hacked Predator drone feeds, U.S. official indicates

Nazi sign stolen from Auschwitz gates

Twitter hacked by 'Iranian Cyber Army'

US “sinister” plans in Latin America

Is the European police state going global?

Super Big Brother cameras with thermal imaging recognize faces, license plates and give orders

Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens

Fox News Covers Mass Drugging of Society with Lithium

The Illuminati's Guerilla War Against America

Moody’s warns of 'social unrest’ as sovereign debt spirals

Officials and Experts Warn of Crash-Induced Unrest

Firefighters Being Trained To Spy On American Citizens

Dr. Len Horowitz: Mass Mind Control

DNA testing clears man who served 28 years

Funk The Fascism - The Just Say No Song

Not So Private Property?: Endangered Species Pose Problems for Landowners


Activists arrested in Copenhagen protests

Russia Blames West For Heroin Rise

Are Americans a Broken People?

What A JOKE: Time magazine names Bernanke 'Person of the Year'

Penn and Teller On The 2nd Amendment

Globalizing the Fight Against a Hostile Internet

N.C. Woman Lay Dead in Bed for 8 Months Despite Daily Visits

The Real Story Behind, Blackwater, JSOC and the CIA's Private Army of Elite Assassins

U.S. Forces Plan Direct Action Against American Citizens

Australia announces controversial Internet filter
I got an email yesterday from a Comcast employee who has passed along info that Comcast has been sent hundreds of thousands of filters to be put on every subscribers house in his area because of a new Gov. mandate.

Treasury Unleashes Foreclosure 'SWAT Teams'

Obama's Safe Schools Czar Tied to Lewd Readings for 7th Graders

Molotov-Cocktail-Like Device Sparks Ohio City Hall Fire

Millions of Bush administration e-mails recovered

Obama Declares War On Pakistan

Fugitive hides from arrest warrant by working at the DHS

Outraged Brits want Blair prosecuted for war crimes

'US fighter jets attack Yemeni fighters'

CBP/DHS Flying Predator Drones Within America

Destroying Christianity In America - Obama Embraces Islam

Christian Family Ordered To Remove Christmas Decorations

Creator of First 50-Star American Flag Dies

Untouchable: Blair to give Iraq War evidence in secret

"SCARE" Software Predicts Insurgent Weapons Cache Locations

Federal Law Shields Jailers From Legitimate Legal Claims

The Thin Blue Whine, Pt. I: Petulant Police Demand Impunity

Accidental Child Porn Download Leads to Jail Time

Militarized Video Gaming Propaganda To Condition Society

Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border


Obama Prays with Muslims

For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!


RAND Corporation Blueprint for Militarized “Stability Police Force”

Cremated Vet's remains dumped in Arlington landfill

Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?

Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops To “Prepare For Civil War”

by Chuck Baldwin

Wiki: New World Order (conspiracy theory)

KGB chief ordered Hitler's remains destroyed In 1970

Body of Cyprus President Stolen From Grave

Shell wins Iraq oil fields rights

President Obama 'creating torture impunity'

Lord Monckton Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority to Commit US to Copenhagen Agreement





Importance: High
Just received this one.    Please be aware and be careful.... National Gang Week is starting:  This is their New target Method
While driving on any roads, If you see a baby car seat sitting on the side of the road DO NOT STOP!!!! These are gangs targeting people, especially women, to stop their vehicle to help a baby. They make this baby look as if it has blood on itself or on its clothes, when you get out of your vehicle in attempt to help, the gangs jump out from cornfields or tall bushes. They have beaten women to near death, and then continue to rape them with baseball bats and other torture methods. This is not just a forward of information, it is within our area. If you do happen to see a car seat DO NOT STOP! CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!!
Please send this onto everyone you know. 
 Rita R.Reed
TN.Dept.Of Correction Central Dispatch
615-401-6811 (fax)




Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’ Lights Up Norwegian Sky

TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual

Google CEO: Secrets Are for Filthy People

US settles case with Native Americans after 13 years

U.S. citizen charged in Mumbai attacks

Missouri Schools Complain About Obama Logo School Supplies

Af-Pak War Racket: The Obama Illusion Comes Crashing Down

A Secret Weapon of the CIA Causes Heart Attacks

Networked surveillance minicopters can't be kept down

Google Expands Tracking to Logged Out Users

Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges

IRS sells SD Indian tribe's land to settle debt

A new report questions "suicides" at Guantanamo

Pentagon: One in Three Female Soldiers are Raped or Sexually Assaulted by Fellow Servicemen

North Korea 'panic' after surprise currency revaluation

EMERGENCY ALERT - ACTION REQUIRED: "America: Freedom to Fascism" Star Sherry Jackson is Being Murdered

American Doki: Y2005-2009

Colorado Deputies Use Taser on 'Out of Control' 10-Year-Old

Ukrainian kids, new victims of Israeli 'organ theft'

Splitting The Sky in Montreal December 5th

Cadet waiting for president caught reading anti-Obama book

Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times



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