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February 2009

Spray-on solar panels developed


Ex-cops apologize for deadly drug raid ahead of sentencing

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren't flying

Storm over Germany


After the Financial Crisis, Civil War? Get Ready to "Leave Your Region"

US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property

Afghanistan tops world opium production

Ron Paul: We killed a million Iraqis and that pleased bin Laden

Arsonists Torch Berlin Porsches, BMWs on Economic Woe

Anti-tax movement holds 'Tea Party' to protest Obama policies

Warning for the West as crisis spills onto streets

California declares state of emergency

US economy suffers sharp nosedive

Corruption cases against cops call 1,000 convictions into doubt

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban
B.A. Brooks: Weapons in Mexico are not coming from US but coming from China. More US propaganda here!

Canada says Russian bomber intercepted over its airspace

Another 9/11 Truth Activist Found Dead

Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood


Schwarzenegger Wants California Constitutional Convention

Officials investigate how bird flu viruses were sent to unsuspecting labs

U.S. Military Might Be Sent to U.S.-Mexico Border as Drug Cartel Chaos Spirals

Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights

Ron Paul: They’re Working On A One World Government!

U.S. Army To Buy $6 Million Of Riot Equipment

US Orders Project ENDGAME To Begin, 775,000 Americans Targeted For Arrest

Dr. Taitz's Military Action Welcomes' Officer Easterling

Scores of Zimbabwe farms 'seized'

Abu Ghraib to reopen - complete with children's playground

Homes of Minnesota politicians vandalized for supporting the fraudulent banker bailout

Britain faces summer of rage - police


If Violence Escalates in Mexico, Texas Officials Plan to Be Ready

Warning Against Adverse Health Effects From the Operation of Digital Broadcast Television

Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist

An Open Letter From B.A. Brooks On Religion

Sovereignty Resolution Introduced in Minnesota House of Representatives

Congress has lost control to outside interests, says Rep. Ron Paul

Texas Representatives Introduce Resolution Asserting Sovereignty Under Tenth Amendment

Camera, Microphone in Magnavox Digital Conversion Box

2 Pa. Judges Admit Jailing Kids For Cash

Geronimo's descendants demand return of 'stolen' remains

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

Russia sorry after hitting Chinese ship

Russia Sinks Chinese Ship Bound For US With Nuclear Warhead

US, UK, Eurozone Banks Face Collapse: Global Banking System Insolvent

Blueprint for EU army to be agreed

Bad News From America’s Top Spy

Marchers block Mexico-US border

U.S. Federal Reserve caused the crash - not capitalism

Is Israel assassinating Iran nuclear scientists?

Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet

For the Sake of President Obama, Geithner Should Apologize or Resign

State Secrets and Deceit: Obama Embraces CIA Torture

Kan. suspends income tax refunds, may miss payroll

NY Times Calls For Internet 2

British, French nuclear subs collide

Don't look now, but Mexico is collapsing

Senior US soldiers investigated over missing Iraq reconstruction billions

Cash crisis forces California to free 55,000 prisoners

Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009

European Economic Collapse: “It May Already be Too Late to Prevent Social Unrest”

FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago

Global warming 'underestimated'

Experts say large U.S. banks on brink of insolvency

New L.A. gun control law proposed

The US Federal Government Is Bankrupt!

Judge Rules Where You've Been Online Not Private

Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production

INTERPOL issues unprecedented global alert for 85 terrorist suspects wanted by Saudi Arabia

Nearly 1 billion starving worldwide

Orbital Collision: Please Pick Up the Nearest Black Courtesy Phone

World Food Crisis -- Crops Threatened In Both Northern and Southern Hemispheres

The Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seeds Out of Reach

Gun dealers experiencing shortages of bullets

VIDEO: Rep. Kanjorski: $550 Billion Disappeared in “Electronic Run On the Banks”

Government To Maintain List Of People Who Aren't Terrorists

598,000 Jobs Lost in January

Our world may be a giant hologram

Plague-Infested Mice Missing From New Jersey Research Lab

How to control a herd of humans

VIDEO: Peter Schiff on 2009-2010 USA Hyperinflation

Bill to abolish IRS introduced

January sees highest US soldier suicides

Increasing Number of States Declaring Sovereignty

New Hampshire talks Civil War against feds!


January 2009

Small earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park

Russians cut off gas supplies to Ukraine

Gaza death toll rises to 397; 1900 injured  

Russia-Ukraine gas talks collapse

Video: Australia celebrates the New Year


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