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Update 09/16/09: I am constantly fighting hackers and their attempts to destroy my work. I am sad to report that this month's work "JULY 2009 NEWS" has been deleted off of my computer and in my hosting site, before I could install more software and a new external firewall.  This activity has been going on for the last year and is a constant battle of engagement. A fucking nightmare it is! Hours and hours of removing bad code that is embedded in an attempt to hurt me and my readers. Fucking German/Belgian Hackers Suck! FUCK YOU! If anyone has this page saved or printed out, please contact me asap. Thank you. B.A. Brooks - bertbrooks


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July 2009

Must Read: You're (Probably) a Federal Criminal

Now it’s barcodes that can be read at a distance

Radio To God Reported Destroyed By American Scientist

NexGen AI -A Threat to Human Civilization?

They Know What? Google's Omniscience Causes Some Concern

Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for U.S. till 9/11

Chris Matthews calls enforcement of Constitutional requirements to become President “nutty” and “crazy”

Simulated attacks in northern Michigan teach soldiers what to expect in Iraq, Afghanistan

Army National Guard Advertises for “Internment Specialists”

2 GA Officers Accused of Running Background Checks on Obama
What is Obama and The S.S. afraid of? What is there to hide?

USA STASI - US enlists citizens in anti-terrorism strategy

Afghanistan's US-Backed Child-Raping Police