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June 2008 -----------------------------------

CIA Planes Hidden in Cayman Isles Trusts?

DNA can be influenced and re-programmed

Bush Fulfills His Grandfather's Dream

Getting Away with the Supreme International Crime

Is Osama bin Laden Dying ... Again?

FBI's Next-Gen ID Databank to Store Face Scans—A Good Idea?

More than half firearm deaths are suicides

US, NATO deaths in Afghanistan pass Iraq toll

Die Hard in the CBD? Not quite

Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran

Bush Signs War Spending Bill

The End of the Anglo-American Empire?

Iran condemns 'Israeli spy' to death

UN official: Afghan civilian deaths up 60 percent

U.S. escalating covert operations against Iran

Scores hurt in S. Korea protests about U.S. beef

American Society of Civil Engineers estimated that $1.6 trillion is needed

Russia's foreign minister strongly warns against use of force on Iran

Suicides in Army increase by 13%

Iran: US guilty of downing Flight 655

The gun-rights fight isn't over

12,429 Guatemalans deported from US

U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data

Japan calls for 5000 tonnes of emergency butter

$5.8 million for scientist in anthrax lawsuit

Disparaging the disappearing Internet

ATF Raids Blackwater Armory, Seizes Automatic Weapons

At the Brink of Nuclear War-U.S. vs. Russia

Will a Computer "Symbiote" be Implanted in Future Human Brains?

Is Britain on the slippery slope to dictatorship?

Senators Question Border Laptop Searches

Pentagon ‘three-day blitz’ plan for Iran


Oil price hits record near $142

UN: Israel has violated Gaza truce

U.S. Army speeds high-tech arms to infantry

N. Korea prepares to dismantle nuclear plant

Landmark Ruling Enshrines Right to Own Guns

US court to rule on key gun law

U.S. to Take North Korea Off Terror List

U.S. withdraws nuclear weapons from Britain

Customs Agents Copy Travelers' Laptop, Phone Data

US, anti-Iran groups hold secret meeting

345 arrested, 21 kids rescued in prostitution busts

Israeli minister: We plan no Iran war

Ahmadinejad: I have proof of US plot

US builds 4 bases on Iraq-Iran border

Child rapists can't be executed, Supreme Court rules

Report calls global warming a threat to U.S. security

Police: Plant shooter kills 5 co-workers, then self

State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq

A Summer of Action, the Next Phase of the Revolution

Insurance not required, FEMA told flooded town

Riots Over Food Vouchers In Milwaukee

Nuclear Event - North-America

Now that you have seen the Nuclear Event Link connect it to this next one!
Many spoke of an explosion and strange flashes of light in the sky prior to the China quake on May 12th 2008

Magnitude 2.8 GEORGIA, USA

Blackwater deal allows company to have AK-47s

Police teams drill for crowd control

Supreme Court To Rule On Second Amendment

McGovern: Iran attack coming soon

Casey: Army needs 3 to 4 years to recover from war

US and European Union grant unlimited powers to police and secret services

House Approves Unconstitutional Surveillance Legislation

U.S. Holds 27,000 ‘Ghost Prisoners’ Around Globe

Police blamed for Mexico stampede

US wants to rewrite detainee evidence

Techno-Fascism - Every Move You Make, Every Step You Take…

Bill Requires All Transactions Reported To Govt

Amnesty: More than 1,000 unaccounted for in Tibet

Russia warns against attacking Iran

Man invents car that runs on water

CNN: Army lobbying for new weapons ’shameless’

293 Traitors Pass Warrantless Spy Bill In House

Video: Alex Jones - They Are Going To Kill You

Trouble at the Pentagon

Dangerous Crossroads: Congressional approval before attacking Iran is no longer required

Bush Admin Post-Constitutional Order: "It Was Real 'Manchurian Candidate' Stuff"

Israel appears to rehearse Iran attack

Hundreds of Tibetan exiles arrested in Nepal

South Korea's Lee: No Older U.S. Beef

Spy bill could shield phone companies from suits

Rape a way of life for Darfur's women

4 U.S. 'copter engines stolen en route to Pakistan port

Spain and South Africa 'backed coup plot'

Freescale's vision of the future: 1,000 embedded devices per person

Canadian troops ordered 'to ignore' rapes of boys by Afghan soldiers

U.N.: World refugees hits record

'Orwellian law must be stopped'

House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries

Top Pentagon Officials
Developed Brutal Interrogation Methods At Guantanamo

VIDEO: Government Strike Teams Invade Homes

Ron Paul: Osama bin Laden loves what we have done

Exams show torture of U.S.-held detainees

Oklahoma to feds: Don’t tread on me

Ohio Checkpoints Enrage Ohio flood Victims

Air Force Spreads Cyber Command to All 50 States

Read the Government Report On Slavery and Iraq

Fired US Attorney: ‘I was working with the Sith Lords’

Denver Police Stock Up On Weapons For DNC

John McCain’s Chilling Project for America

Spying on Americans: Democrats Ready to Gut the Constitution

Video: US soldier refuses to deploy in Iraq

Sarah Connor Has Failed - the British Just Built Skynet

UK Official: EU to freeze Iranian assets

Britain warns of UAE terror attack threat

Bush and Brown issue Iran warning

Russia Plans Arctic Military Build-Up

Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty

Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic

Protesters greet Bush's UK visit

Wiretaps "R" Us: Is the FBI Tracking Your Cellphone?

U.S. Military's Middle East Crusade for Christ

US accuses China of hacking computers

The prison industry in the United States: big business or slavery?

DC cops abandon checkpoints after night of violence

Nicolas Sarkozy plans to bypass Irish no vote

More than 10,000 people arrested in Bangladesh

Taliban Free 1,200 in Attack on Afghan Prison

Early results indicate Irish 'no' vote on EU treaty

7 Arrested for Cheering at Graduation

Cafferty: Why won’t Congress consider impeachment?

Canada Apologizes for Atrocities Against Aboriginal Children

A personal note from B.A. Brooks on Ron Paul: It is a sad day for America and I am deeply disappointed in Ron Paul's decision to end his campaign. B.A. Brooks - 6/13/08

Ron Paul to end campaign outside Texas convention

Presidential Directive: Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security

Blackwater's Private CIA

War Criminal George W. Bush not Welcome in the U.K.

Details on US air raid on Pak troops

Top court rules for Guantanamo prisoners

Security Scans Will Show Sex Organs

Abu Dhabi To Purchase Majority Of The Chrysler Building

Clinton suspends campaign, endorses Obama

10 airports install body scanners

Legislating Tyranny

Israel to attack Iran unless enrichment stops

The SPP and Merging Military Command Structures

Iraq says it wants to restrict movement of U.S. troops

NYPD Helicopter Views Faces from Miles Away

Turkish court upholds Islamic head scarves ban at universities

Israel Gives America Go-Ahead To Invade Iran

15,000 Ark. hens test positive for bird-flu exposure

Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control

'US to build 50 military bases in Iraq'

Neighborhood checkpoints, warrantless, door-to-door searches

Experts Warned of Quake Risk in China

King-Harbor - 15th general care hospital to close in Los Angeles

US $700 million Iraq Embassy Bigger than Vatican

Release Chinese from Gitmo, U.S. lawmakers urge

Decriminalizing Drugs Would Save $46 Billion

Israel: Iran provides world with bombs

Ahmadinejad: Open Israel's black box

'US security pact will enslave Iraqis'

Blackwater Buys Brazil Fighter Jet

Time Warner Cable tries metering Internet use

VIDEO: New Radar/Antenna Combo Lets LA Cops ‘See Through Walls’

Britons visiting America will now have to register 72 hours in advance

Rupturing The Nanotech Rapture

Surveillance Society To Quadruple By 2013

U.S. restores Fulbright scholarships to Gaza students

United States of Insecurity

Privatizing War

US accused of using prison ships

Judge orders sect children returned to parents

Pentagon planning ‘boots on ground’ in Waziristan

Ahmadinejad says Israel will soon disappear

VIDEO: How To Deal With Homeland Security Checkpoints

As things look, Israel may well attack Iran soon

Bush's bankrupt vision

McCain’s McClellan Nightmare

Largest Swiss Newspaper Asks if Bush Was Behind 9-11?

Masters of the Universe are murdering the middle class

Kids set for ‘Matrix’ future

Washington cops getting semiautomatic rifles

Christian Preaching In UK Now A 'Hate Crime'

Pentagon says AFRICOM Will Be Ready for Full Operations October 1

Israel to build hundreds of homes in East Jerusalem

Australia ends combat mission in Iraq

Baghdad Jews Have Become a Fearful Few


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