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March 2009

European labs discover flu vaccines contaminated

Martial Law - Gun Control - Revolution MP3

U.S. Officials Are Quietly Preparing for BIG Trouble Ahead

Man Arrested for Feeding the Homeless!

Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 Now Has 58 Co-Sponsors

Sen. Webb: Prisons a 'national disgrace,' must be reformed

Pentagon Plans to Regrow Human Body Parts

Judge may overturn hundreds of cases in Luzerne scandal

Critics Say Senate Bill to Rescue Newspapers May Invite Government Control of News

Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal ’70s Drug Laws

Abolish the Expatriation Tax

Monsanto Planting Seeds in the White House?

Death squad leader ‘was top CIA agent’

Millville police officer cut wife's hands to fake self-defense in killing

DEA has 106 planes, so why did it charter private jet for chief?

Why secretly funded DEA surveillance planes aren't flying

Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible

Dallas police chief apologizes for conduct of officer who drew gun on NFL player outside hospital

Child rapist got off too easy

Big Dog Robots

Military demands details on soldiers' private guns

Montana Plane Crash takes life of family of owner of Abortion mill

City Pays Settlement in 1995 Police Shooting Case

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa

Expert: Video shows teen was unarmed just before Minneapolis cop gunned him down

Scientists Find 'Baffling' Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

The 545 People Responsible For All of America's Woes

N. Korea 'Will Mercilessly Shoot Down' U.S. Spy Planes

Flint, Michigan: Government Considering Abandoning Parts of City, Cutting Off Police and Fire Service

PC Virus 'Time Bomb' Set to Go Off at Any Moment

Food Safety Modernization Act (HR 875): Criminalization of Organic Farms

New Cold War: Russian Forces To Patrol Arctic

Chinese 'Kill Weapon' Gives U.S. Navy Cause for Concern

Taliban Chief Vows 'Amazing' Attack on Washington 'Soon'

Scandal for the White House after Joe Biden’s daughter ‘caught on tape snorting cocaine’

Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Ban Global Currency

Missouri Highway Patrol orders militia report shut down

Ford exec: No thanks, Uncle Sam

Glenn Beck Invites James “Yellow Journalism” Meigs To Debunk FEMA Camps

How insurers secretly blacklist millions with common ailments

Economic crisis fueling civil unrest in US

UK Water police want a meter in every home

All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009

Freedom Tower name changed to One World Trade Center

Volkswagen introduces world’s most economical car

Food giants may be secretly adding toxic nanoparticles to your groceries

Missouri retracts police memo which labeled activists as 'militia'

Chinese-made drywall ruining homes, owners say

UK Opens UFO files That Reveal Close Encounter

Who owns Colorado's rainwater?

New York: Albany County Staging Attack on Ammunition Sales

Michigan 15-year-old Dies After Police Taser Him

I try and post the really important news stories inside our member area, but I wanted to also ask you all to keep an eye over all the pages on the entire site. Our time lines are growing short to prepare. Over the next 12 months our liberties will grow smaller and smaller as the economic collapse finally becomes a reality to all of those who have been in denial. This is a time to bring families and friends close together and share knowledge and truth. No one can now deny the facts. We must all stand together as one. I am still working on uniting Americans with every waking breath. People are afraid and this saddens me greatly. I have tried to set an example by using my real name and not hiding behind a false identity. Show No Fear! We have the power. We the people! We need leaders now to step up and organize with others. It is now time to step from behind our computers and start making a difference in the real world my brother and sisters! I salute each of my subscribers and members that are now and have been on this road for some time now. I understand your frustration as well! We have a few members that are militia members and they keep me advised. Our Militias are strong, well organized and highly motivated. But they are few. Start finding others in your area to connect with. A friend, a brother, a sister! We need small groups to start forming in every city of every state across the U.S.. Others are going to depend on you for help and direction when the next phase begins. Are you ready for this? There are no second chances. I can never express how much love I have for each of you not only as my brothers and sisters, but as patriots who have each done their best to make a difference in this historical and desperate time we live in today. Much respect, B.A. Brooks 03-21-09

The Big Takeover: The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution

G20 protesters 'will try to bring London to standstill'

Obama Opens Secret Laboratories to Germany

Missouri Governor Stands Behind MIAC Smear Report

N.Y. city Considers Implementing Martial Law To Clean Up Policing

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America Legislation to Establish Internment Camps on US Military Bases  


This report is a mirror of The U.A.F.F. website and even though much of their information is completely wrong, some of it is right on the money. It is shocking to read who our State believe to be extremists. You and Me! If you support Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin, If you believe we should be back on the gold standard, if you believe what our forefathers believed then you are now considered an extremist. Read more.......

Fed to buy long-term U.S. government debt
The U.S. Dollar has now been destroyed!

US Fed buys $ 1 trillion in Treasury securities
The last nail in America's Coffin!

KY Election Officials Arrested, Charged With 'Changing Votes at E-Voting Machines'

Iranian blogger dies in prison

HR 875s sponsor is married to Stanley Greenberg who is a consultant for Monsanto

Desperate Japanese head to 'suicide forest'

Blame Game: Dodd Says Treasury “Forced” Him to Add Bonus Provision to Stimulus Package

U.N. panel says world should ditch dollar

House Passes Mandatory National Service Bill
This could be a real good thing or a real bad thing! Could easily turn into a Stasi/Hitler youth environment!

Feds undercut ammo supply

Dodd admits to role in AIG loophole

FedEx profit tumbles on global slump

'Pakistan police assisting Shia killings'

Lose your property for growing food?

U.S. Weighs Taliban Strike Into Pakistan

Website-infecting SQL injection attacks hit 450,000 a day

Australia: Banned Hyperlinks Could Cost You $11,000 a Day

Pope visits Africa, reaffirms ban on condoms

'70s radical Sara Jane Olson released from prison

U.S. and Germany to Collaborate on Homeland Security Tech

Russia to re-arm military as Nato expands

HR 875: A Bill That Would Regulate The Small Family Farm Out Of Business

Seattle Post-Intelligencer prints final edition in online transition

Mexico slaps tariffs on U.S. goods in truck feud

DEVELOPMENT: Preparing for Water Quarrels, if not Wars

Iranian drone 'shot down in Iraq'

DOD Ends Sale of Expended Military Brass to Remanufactures

Red Cross report describes 'torture' at CIA jails

Kucinich Calls For Congressional Investigation Into Cheney “Assassination Unit”

Report: Russians may land long-range bombers in Venezuela, Cuba

Cops Arrest Priest For Filming Them

Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

Swilling beer, smoking dope, leering at porn, the other side of hate preacher 'Andy' Choudary

Government adviser on Islamic terror arrested after man is stabbed at his home

Cheney “Assassination Unit” Still Active Under Obama, Including Domestically

Minister beaten after clashing with Muslims on his TV show

War Is Not Far from Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century

Living in U.S., rejecting its laws, targeted as terrorists


Which states are worst for personal freedom?

Dirty BOMBS in the GREAT State of Maine

GAO: Fake passports easy to get

Copyright treaty is classified for 'national security'

Obama’s Gun Ban List Is Out

Gospel singer BeBe Winans accused of assault on ex-wife

Sex claims against US Church rise

Killing Fields executioner faces justice

US drops 'enemy combatant' term

Fingerprints Required to Sell Home in Chicago

Police: U.S. teens were hit men for Mexican cartel

China 'worried' about US Treasury holdings

US to build 117 million dollar Serbia embassy

Seven held over Amsterdam threat

'Dog Whisperer' becomes US citizen

Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend, doctors charged

A step closer to reading the mind

Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insurance

Guarding the U.S.-Mexico border, live from suburban New York

Climate fears 'being realised''

HR875 Bill to criminalize organic farming

LOST and Found: Senate Moves Toward Ratification of U.N.'s 'Law of the Sea Treaty'

Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis techniques in His Speeches

In Mexico's Seething Drug Wars, New Alarm About Violence Moving North
If Mexicans had a 2nd Amendment they could defend themselves!

Witch hunt: Africa's hidden war on women

Pakistanis protest as government scrambles

North Korea gives notice of April rocket launch

Farmers find monastery beneath Israeli soil

Domestic terror threat growing, Senate committee warns

California lawmaker wants to blur Google Earth

North Korea accuses U.S. of plotting attack

Teen gunman kills 16 in German shooting spree

Human activities are acidifying the oceans and threaten a mass extinction of sea life

11 dead in Alabama shooting; FBI to assist investigation

5 human heads discovered in ice chests in central Mexico

Gerald Celente Expect Hunger Riots all over

75-year-old widow to be flogged
Arabic Stone Age Islamic Barbarians

Tracking the Nazi Nexus

YouTube stands by UK video block

Taliban say Obama's call on moderates "illogical"
Even the Taliban know there is no such thing as Taliban moderates!

Is talking to Taliban moderates the right approach?
Absolutely Not! There is no such thing as Taliban moderates!

Report: 1 in 50 American children homeless

Chuck Norris may run for president of Texas

China says U.S. naval ship was breaking law: report

Bolivia expels senior US diplomat

Mixed Opinions of a Judge Accused of Misconduct

GEO Group, Inc.: Despite a Crashing Economy, Private Prison Firm Turns a Handsome Profit

Jailed for a MySpace parody, the student who exposed America's cash for kids scandal

Israeli West Bank mines 'illegal'

Monks taken for 're-education' before Tibet uprising anniversary

Police seize more than $1 million from Phish fans


Brazil rocked by abortion for 9-year-old rape victim
Before it was revealed how many Catholic priests were child molesters and sexual deviates, they stood side by side with Hitler and the Nazi movement. I realize that Giluia Galeotti was being witty with her social commentary which I do appreciate, but at the same time must point out the atrocities committed by this so called religious group in the name of God.
B.A. Brooks

ADL Lists McLamb, Von Kleist, Banister and Others as “Extremists”
Lists are being made and all American Patriots should be on full alert!

Jailing and drugging kids for profit


'No One Can Fathom a Motive': Pastor Shot During Service
The Lord must have needed this pastor real bad, so he called him home to heaven. The Lord Sure Works In Mysterious Ways! Amen & Praise The Lord! JESUS SAVES! If you truly believe in God and the bible, then you must believe that this was God's will or part of a master plan. Many say the lord is calling for gun control! Guns are not the problem, and I can tell you that if the Lord comes after our guns, The Lord just might get shot!
B.A. Brooks

North Korea 'on full combat readiness'

Pentagon says Chinese vessels harrassed unarmed U.S. Navy ship
Seeing how the United States Government has been selling off America a little at a time to the highest bidder over many years, China has bought and now owns a large part of America's infrastructure. Once China drops there investment in the U.S. dollar, the hammer will fall and in the end U.S. Naval Vessels might just be flying a Chinese flag as well. The complete takeover of The United States Of America without a bullet ever being fired.
B.A. Brooks

Obama is to reverse stem cell ban
This is the best news I have seen in a very long time! Thank you President Obama

Saudis order 40 lashes for elderly woman for mingling
Is this what The Muslim God Muhammad and The Quran teaches? Nice..........

Say Hello to H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

N Korea warning to US and S Korea

Tent City, Sacramento, CA

Ex-Israel head faces rape charge

Defectors expose plans of Germany's 'real' Nazis

Lights Out Economy? Circuit City Closes

US 'not winning in Afghanistan'

Revealed: UK police databank on thousands of protesters

Cybersecurity chief Beckstrom resigns

Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 1)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 2)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 3)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 4)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 5)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 6)
Lindsey Williams and His Economic & Social Predictions in 2009 (part 7)

What's Dead? (Short Answer: All Of It)

Protesters clash with Indian forces in Kashmir

Spacecraft blasts off in search of 'Earths'

Merkel media man quits as police probe child pornography links

Liberal interventionism in the age of Obama

Search Warrant in FBI Raid Reveals Interesting Details
American Militia members should be on alert!

Hunter-Boman: Poisoned crops and a failed drug policy

'Israel set for huge attack on Gaza'

Italy pulls out of UN racism conference

Chavez invites Obama to 'path of socialism'

Is Obama the President? This Soldier in Iraq Says No

What Congress Wants to Know About CIA Detention and Interrogation Actions

US and Russia seek 2009 arms deal

The United Nations: Our Children’s New Parents?

‘Scraped’ FEMA toxic mobile homes return as housing

The Case of Hitler's Children: George Soros

Plan for tourist theme park raises Jerusalem tensions

S Korea diverts jets over threats

China's military forces to be trained for informationized warfare


Ex-border officer sentenced in immigrant- and marijuana-smuggling scheme

Cost of locking up Americans too high: Pew study

Nationalization in a Time of Monopoly

Turkey to set up new military base

Pakistan 'accepts Taliban rule in Swat'

Russia building anti-satellite weapons

N Korea threatens civilian planes

'Israel seriously mulling Iran military action'

Clinton rebukes Israel over demolition plan

Lou Dobbs Reports "Obama setting up for the New World Order"

Authorities raid Ukraine gas firm

Obama seeks Russian help on Iran but denies deal

Report: Diebold Voting System Has 'Delete' Button for Erasing Audit Logs

Glenn Beck On FEMA Camps

CIA destroyed 92 interview tapes

US ready to aid Mexico drug fight

Obama Breaks With Europe And Israel, Plans June 2009 ‘State Of Emergency’

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) has issued a circular calling for the arrest of 15 top Israeli officials over war crimes

LaRouche: Israeli Leadership Is Suicidally Insane

New Alert - George Green on Project Camelot

Iran has enough nuclear fuel to make bomb: U.S.

Israel's death squads: A soldiers story

Deputy accused of assaulting teen in custody

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