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May 2008 --------------------------------------

House Passes Controversial PRO IP Act

CIA Drug Pilot linked to Russian Mob

10 Evil Human Experiments

Blackouts hit thousands as generators fail

South American Union Formed

South America Considers Common Currency

Putin: US, frightening monster

Ford to open new plant in Mexico

Raytheon's Pain Ray: Coming to a Protest Near You?

Internet Attacked as Tool of Terror

Wall Street Journal: Load Up the Pantry

VIDEO: CNN Covers Elite's Depopulation Program

Indianapolis To Become "Mock Battlefield"

Bush Claims More Powers than King George III

111 countries except US formally ban cluster bombs

ABC: Witnesses say Blackwater shootings were unprovoked

Filmmaker Was At Pentagon On 911

Prominent Structural Engineers Say Official Version of 9/11 “Impossible” “Defies Common Logic” “Violates the Law of Physics”

Mind Control by Cell Phone

Cops & Customs Agents Caught Drug Smuggling

'US bribing Iraqi MPs to sign deal'

Iran issues stark military warning to United States

The Worst War Crime Yet? Bush's War on Children in Iraq

Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House

U.S. cancels Fulbright scholarships for Gaza students

The conservative movement has become the biggest threat to the US Constitution

Rather rails at government, corporate sway on media

Rival to Iran’s President Is Elected Speaker

Fleischer: Libby's Conviction Was Justified

VIDEO: San Antonio Cops Force Blood Tests On Drivers

DHS Cracks Down On IRS Workers Protest

Ex-White House spokesman says Bush shaded truth on Iraq

AI: US defies international laws

China, Russia and U.S. focus of human rights report

The Sadistic Side of Bush's War on Terror - Sexual Terrorism

The Politics of Armageddon Hillary's "Final Solution" to the Persian Problem

China Red Cross Officials Suspected of Embezzling Donations for Quake Victims

Asia Times: Bush Plans Iran Air Strike Within Two Months

Parents’ Grief Turns to Rage at Chinese Officials

Slavery Today: A Clear and Present Danger

Americans Embracing Totalitarian Government

BLOG: A SEPTEMBER WAR????? So Thinks Hal...

Six-year-olds sexually abused by UN peacekeepers

Border Agents, Lured by the Other Side

Jobless UK Youths To Be Put Into Camps


Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons'

Energy Fears Looming, New Survivalists Prepare

Mexico’s War Against Drugs Kills Its Police

Tehran University to host int'l conference on "Israel's End"

Video: 9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage, No Airplane

'I won't let you take my land'

Demand Immediate Action on a Bill of Impeachment of President Bush

Video: Jerome Corsi Talks about King George Bush

War Abroad and Poverty at Home

The Menace of George Bush’s Last Months in Office

Veterans' burials nonstop at national cemeteries

Afghans appalled Marines not charged in killings

Court: Texas had no right to take polygamists' kids

The Last Roundup

Nader: Bush, Cheney must be impeached

Weather warfare

Iraq: Mass detentions in Mosul as troops move into Sadr City

Report: U.S. Will Attack Iran

"Red Team" Penetrates Nuke Lab's Security, Reaches "Superblock"

Iraqi PM wants Blackwater World Wide sent home early

Gitmo detainee tells Congress he was tortured

Car dealer offers free gun with vehicle purchase

Pakistan signs peace deal with Taliban

US, Somali dodge child rights treaty

George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider

Govt. May Have Massive Surveillance Program For Use In ‘National Emergency,’ 8 Million ‘Potential Suspects

Ventura Attacks Media for Criticizing Free Speech

Israel and Syria reveal peace talks in Turkey

U.S. criticized for handling of child detainees in Iraq

Mob burns to death 11 'witches, wizards'

Video: The View co-host brings up Prescott Bush's Nazi ties

Militarized Police Celebrate Killing Americans

Tony Blair accused of War Crimes

Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers' every move

The War On Terror Does Not Apply To Mexico

Boeing's Laser Gunship Blasts Beams, Preps for '08 Flight Test

UK Teen Prosecuted For Calling Scientology Cult, A Cult

Lieberman Demands YouTube/Google Censorship

Solar powered car saves man one year of gas

When Free Speech Doesn’t Come Free

VIDEO: Beyond Treason - Chemical and Biological Warfare

Israel Must Be Held To Same Nuclear Scrutiny as Iran

Chávez warns Colombia not to allow U.S. base

Iran: World must stand up to US lies

Court says paper money discriminates against blind people

Support H.R.220: Common Sense About Identity Theft and REAL ID

China's All-Seeing Eye

Ollie’s Ordnertruppen

DHS unveils infrastructure protection grants

Secret Data in FBI Wiretapping Audit Revealed With Ctrl+C

Researchers teach 'Second Life' avatar to think

Upcoming US deployments Of More Than 42,000 Troops

As Prices Rise, Crime Tipsters Work Overtime

Drug Cartels to Mexican Police: 'Join Us or Die'

Israeli and US death squads infesting the world

U.S. Guilty Of Banned Weapons War Crimes

ICE plans new family detention centers

Iran busts CIA terror network

Testimony of Iraq War Veteran to the US Congress

Thousands killed in 1950 by US's Korean ally

'Israel systematically kills people'

Rumsfeld: "Why Not another 911"

Iran's arrest of minority group is condemned

U.S. Planning Big New Prison in Afghanistan

Unanswered 9/11 Questions

Iraqi police beat news photographer

DHS Wants to Spy on Americans, Dems Charge

Congressman questions DOD presence

Neo-Con General Calls For Terror Attacks In Iran

Gov't Secrecy and the Mysterious Cyber Initative

$163 billion more of our tax dollars for the occupation of Iraq

US and Iraq Regime Holding 51,000 Iraqi Behind Closed Bars, Most Illegally

Net video lands US man in prison

Senate Moves Forward on Orwellian "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act HR 1955 / S1959"

Has the Battle for America Begun?

Report Pushes Passage Of Thought Crimes Bill

President Bush should be impeached for war crimes

'Bullying powers engineered food crisis'

Italy: We will join US against Iran

UN slams NATO over civilians' killing

Chicago Citizens Reject Terror Drill Fearmongering

'Fusion Man' soars above Swiss Alps

Taser International 'brainwashed' Canada

Detainees drugged against their will for deportation

In 'Spies for Hire,' U.S. Security Gets Outsourced

VIDEO: Gun owners protest police action

Palestinians want Bush to release children

Bush's golf remarks 'insult' Americans

Vatican suggests alien life may exist

Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, 'The 9/11 NCO,' Speaks Out

As America Collapses U.S. Government Secret Plans Revealed

High Death Toll Feared as Strong Quake Hits China

Catholic Church offers therapy to ‘cure’ gays

Japan allows military activity in space

Gates: US will teach Iran a lesson

Lieberman: Airstrikes on Iran a ‘distinct possibility’

'Peel and Stick' Tasers Electrify Riot Control

US confession: Weapons were not made in Iran after all

U.S. State Department asks Congress to keep quiet about nuclear deal with India

Air Force Aims for 'Full Control' of 'Any and All' Computers

Illegal, unilateral, preemptive military action against Iran

The Executive OrdersThat Will Manifest US Martial Law: Bush Has Replaced REX84 With New Martial Law Executive Order: Once In Control - Martial Law Will Stay

What Would You Drive, if the Taxpayers Paid?

U.S. Hispanic Population Hits 45.5 Million

CIA Is Preparing Public For Iran War

Iraqi Antiques Sold Off Worldwide

CIA Chief Sees Unrest Rising With Population

High-Level Officials Warn of Fake Terror

Elitist Blueprint For World Government Revealed

Pentagon Expands Propaganda Reach With Foreign "News" Websites

Food crisis leaves many Afghans desperate

U.S. mulls Guantanamo closure as Bush term nears end

Israel Aligned With US For Iran War

War On Terror Is Leading Cause Of Terrorism

United States New Wave of Executions

Spy Grid Part Of Consumer Technology

EU plans international embassies

Bush: Thou shalt kill Iranians

Bush-Cheney Israel Disinformation Campaign

Contractors Gone Wild

Few Details on Immigrants Who Died in U.S. Custody

For Immigrants Who Died in U.S. Custody, Few Details Provided

Turning 60, Israelis feel pride, Palestinians pain

In One Flaw, Questions on Validity of 46 Judges

Cellphones Give Police Info Without A Warrant

Secrecy In DHS Cybersecurity Plans

GOP targeting 300 pro-Ron Paul at Monday ‘credentials meeting’

Homeland Security Update: Chertoff Says New Laws Needed

Chertoff: Stop Complaining About the Fascist Control Grid

Post-War Suicides May Exceed Combat Deaths, U.S. Says

Gates says big changes in store for Internet in next decade


U.S. executes first inmate after moratorium

London Tourist Suffocated By Police

Pentagon Targeted Iran for Regime Change after 9/11

Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored?

Google 'breaching China's state secrecy laws'

Feds take over NCC fairgrounds for May training exercise

Marines ignore Taliban cash crop to not upset Afghan locals

Sadr City dead mostly women, kids

Elitist Blueprint For World Government Revealed

Iran Resistance Is Not Terrorist Group, Court Finds

Philly Cops Caught Beating Motorists on Video

UK: Government Restores Cannabis To A Class B Status

How to Beat the Matrix

Gorbachev laments New World Order behind schedule

Iran's Jews condemn Israel anniversary

Sharpton arrested as hundreds protest NYC police shooting

Secretive FEMA Camp Drill Running In Iowa

FBI Targets Internet Archive

Continuity of Government Drill: Largest Post 9/11

G.I. Joe: The Dark Suit Of Propaganda

When Pedophile Judges Fear Exposure

Cheney aide subpoenaed to testify to Congress

U.S. deploys more than 43,000 unfit for combat

"The Real McCain" = It ain't a Pretty Picture

Ron Paul #1 On NY Times Best Seller List

Actor Tommy Chong Claims Link To FBI Raids

Mad cows entering US beef industry?

Man spends 18 hours in police cell and has his DNA taken for 'dropping an apple core'

Global free market for food and energy faces biggest threat in decades

A Secret Afghanistan Mission Prepares for War with Iran

Check Your Mailbox Or Outside Your Home For Death Camp Markers

Blackwater stays despite Massacre

House Approves New Property Seizure Law

Mideast reels as hunger outgrows oil earnings

Global Thought Police Decree Passages in the New Testament Are ‘Classical Anti-Semitism’

Dollar, not supply, causes record oil - Iran offical

Bloomberg’s End-run Around the Second Amendment

Food Riots are Coming to the U.S.

One Question

Putin Orders Georgia Invasion On Us INVASION OF IRAN

CBS: America’s infrastructure is crumbling

Virtual border fence may become reality in Texas

VIDEO: If they watch us, can't we watch them

Mystery widens in case of ‘CIA operative’ gunned down by police


David Hendricks: U.S. Immigration Raids Are About To Get Ugly

THIS IS "ENDGAME PLAN" GOING INTO MOTION....this is what "certain US ARMY units" are now gearing up for by very sudden preparations that are now happening at a MAJOR Army base in Texas--as I find out yesterday...I believe that this base is Ft Hood.. If this is occurring at this "unknown base" in Texas at this time... you can rest assured that this is also happening at other US ARMY bases throughout the U.S. and also at other bases of other military service branches--the lid is on very tight at this time for ANY concise information to come out...this will be conducted under the control of The DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY.. specifically The Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is the administering Agency for ENDGAME... but... this WILL involve The US NORTHERN COMMAND (headquartered in Colorado Springs) because NORTHCOM is the TEETH of DHS.... this will get VERY ugly to be sure...

Tim White - Viet Nam Vet (USAF)

Concerned Citizen, Researcher, Investigator, Whistleblower from the NWO Capitol of the West-DENVER


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