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Remember, Don't battle the government with guns.
Beat them in court, and in your state legislature!

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist..."
Cicero Marcus Tullius
106-43 BC

September 2008 -----------------------------------

Consequences of Cindy McCain's Drug Abuse Were More Complex Than She Has Portrayed
Any other American citizen would be locked up for this abuse of the law and narcotic drugs

Army Private Subjected to Anti-Semitic Attacks Brutally Beaten By Soldiers

Jesse Ventura To Host Investigative Show For TruTV

Grid of 100,000 computers heralds new internet dawn

LaBruzzo plan to sterilize poor women brings to mind Adolf Hitler, David Duke, some say

Russia's Dissident Bloggers Fear for Their Lives

How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

Pentagon's new Africa command raises suspicions about U.S. motives

Will Wall Street's Meltdown Turn America Into a Police State?

U.S. Army conducting training in cities, towns

Russian nuclear bomber flies undetected to within 20 miles of UK Coast

With all eyes on the bailout, House passes $612 billion defense bill

Eligible Receiver

SpaceX Did It -- Falcon 1 Made it to Space

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

Bill would require 'reasonable suspicion' before DHS electronics search

'Melamine gang' detained in China

Amid Bailout Debate, Decline of U.S. Power Is a Hot Topic at the United Nations

'Drug killings' hit Mexican city

Martial Law Hysteria Taken Out Of Context

Australia Plans Mass Surveillance System

Cadbury withdraws China chocolate on Melamine concern

Open Letter to Congress from Farm Aid's Board of Directors

Warships surround Somali pirates

Protests on Wall Street - what the news media isn't showing you

A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade

British Negotiate With Real Taliban, While US Uses Fake Taliban to Undermine Pakistan

Boy Suspended for Wearing Anti-Obama T-shirt

Preparing For World War III?

Marcy Kaptur warns “there are domestic enemies to the Republic”

Rep. Michael Burgess - “we are under Martial Law”

Pirates die strangely after taking Iranian ship

Congressman Ron Paul says that the bailout bill is likely to pass, heralding a 10-year plus economic depression for America and the potential for martial law should civil unrest arise as the financial meltdown worsens.

Beech Grove FEMA camp preparing for full operations 

Mysterious New 'Dark Flow' Discovered in Space

O ffices of U.S. Defense Department agency ransacked and torched

Ron Paul: Introducing The Voter Bomb!

THE CABLE CUTTERS HAVE RETURNED - Damage to fibre optic cable affects Internet

14,000 Strong, and Armed With Non-Lethal Weapons - America, Meet Your New Local Military

Taseer says ‘will impose economic martial law, if empowered’

US House of Representatives approves Nasa buying Russian spacecraft

5,389 Palestinians dead in 2nd Intifada

N. Korea rebuilding nuclear reactors

Rice admits officials approved 'harsh interrogation techniques'

The first day of a second American revolution

Rebel Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher backs Russia over Georgia

Chinese cheer as astronauts make first spacewalk

'Car sleepers' the new US homeless

Paraguay's president says he turned down offer to meet Palin

Russia to upgrade nuclear systems

Seized Ukrainian ship carrying armaments

Say “No” To Socialist Bailout Of Economy And Demand Free-Market Solutions From Congress!

Austria opens the polls to 16-year-olds

The Hostile Takeover of America, Fight the Bailout!

Gore Calls For Civil Disobedience To Stop Coal Plants

Ron Paul's Federal Reserve Abolition Act - HR 2755

NYPD Cops Disciplined In Nude Taser Slay

China stops tainted sweet sales

Iran's leader says 'American empire' near collapse

Bin Laden´s Son Says Videos Are Fakes Of His Father..

Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street to Protest Bailout

FBI: Evangelist Alamo arrested in child sex case

U.S., Pakistani troops exchange fire

Snoozing pilots to return to work

11 kids, including family of 9, abandoned in Neb.

Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says

Charge dropped against man accused of passing gas

Legislator Proposes Sterilization For Women

US 'agrees Wall Street bail-out'

DHS Claims Power To Read/Copy Traveller's Papers

N.Korea ousts U.N. monitors, to restart atom bomb plant

Assainations of U.S. Citizens who are on the "RED LIST" will Commence on 10/1/2008!

Turkish singer defiant in court

Unknown Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility For Marriot Bombing?

Police Chief: Officer Accused Of Choking Civilian Was Disciplined

Protesters unfurl 'Arrest Bush & Cheney' banner at Nat'l Archives

Our Republic Raped and Still No Revolution!

Dirty Secret Of The Bailout: Thirty-Two Words That None Dare Utter

Court Rules Homeschooling Is Illegal

Finland school gunman kills nine

Nowhere To Hide: Killer drones that can see through walls

US schools pay classroom informants

US soldier accused of abusing and killing Iraqi

The Destabilization of Bolivia and the "Kosovo Option"

Vice President Dick Cheney's Incredible and Deadly Lie

U.S. interrogator: 'You have three minutes to live'

Street clashes erupt in Germany

Hadron Collider halted for months

Welcome to the World's Largest Gold Vault

Myth of Iran wiping Israel off the map dispelled

NY issues its RealID card

GOP Rep. Foley to face no sex offense charges

LaRouche: Hot Fight is on

North Korea preparing to restart nuclear facility

US air raid kills Iraq civilians

Vicente Fox Tells American Workers To “Get Over It”

16 more US troops commit suicide in Iraq

Homeland Security, Sesame Style

Has the U.S. Invasion of Pakistan Begun?

US troops face Iraq murder charge

'Emergency' fear for 220m people

Exposed: McCain team includes 83 Wall Street lobbyists

How 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand from Kuwait Ended Up in Idaho

What Is The Secret Killing Weapon In Iraq?

UN: Civilian deaths up nearly 40 pc in Afghanistan

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

As the World Focuses on the Imploding Global Economy
Bush Agrees to War on Iran

Leading Journalists Expose Major Media Manipulations

151 Congressmen Derive Financial Profit From War

872,721 Americans were arrested for marijuana last year...99.6per hr.


FEMA Executive Orders

Whoever Wins, The Draft Is a Sure Thing After January 20

VIDEO: Was The Katrina Disaster Planned?...

George Bush isn't in charge, says Vladimir Putin

Truth At The Border - America Is Dead

US faces the F-16s it supplied Pakistan

Pakistan’s Military Chief Criticizes U.S. Over a Raid

Tribesmen say they are with army, warn US

Pakistani tribal chiefs threaten to join Taliban

Empty Seats Greet McCain at Fla. Rally

Jesse Ventura Discusses Being Banned From TV And Interrogated By The CIA

Decade worth of messages, interviews from bin Laden leaked to web

Jim Wilkinson and the Plunge Protection Team

Ukraine's governing coalition collapses

Pakistani Troops Fire On U.S. Soldiers

Bloomberg: Bushes' `New World Order' Is Yielding to `Post-American' Era

'Pak incursion can incite attacks on West'

The US top secret in Iraq and the Israeli connection

American Extremists

12 year old arrested in Ni’lin brought before military court


Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

U.S. to supply Israel with 1,000 new bunker-busting bombs

Warning sounded on web's future

Pakistan order to kill US invaders

Drug war mayhem instills a new fear

Kuwait calls for Gitmo detainees' release

Warfare between American and European branches of the Illuminati

Pak jets ’sent to confront US drones’

Bodies of 24 people killed execution-style found in Mexico

This Day in History,September 14,1814,Francis Scott Key composed The Star Spangled Banner

Evidence of Karimov's Crimes - and CIA Participation

U.S. is 'playing with fire': Kucinich

Pakistan army ordered to hit back at U.S. forces

Alitalia 'running out of fuel'

Obama calls for US military mobilization

SoCal train wreck toll rises to 17, with 135 hurt

Tens of thousands of Iraqis may come to U.S. in '09

Do I Have to Obey Orders From an Unconstitutional Government?

Blueprint for nuclear bomb on internet, warns UN

Iran warns of consequence of attack

Female Soldiers More Likely to Be Raped than Killed in Action, Says Rep.

U.S. and Venezuela escalate crisis

Medvedev: Georgia Attack Is Russia's 9/11

South Ossetia plans to become part of Russia

'N. Korea builds new missile launch pad'

Farmers See 'Mark of the Beast' in RFID Livestock Tags

Inglewood Officers Fired 47 Shots at Homeless Man

9/11 Truth Film To Be Broadcast On Prime Time Russian TV

U.S. Law Enforcement Officers Learn Counterterrorism Strategies From Israeli Counterparts

RFID as Electronic Surveillance: Technology Performs Well in Feasibility Study

Next US terror attack 'could be by white Americans or Europeans'

U.S. warplanes to patrol Baltic airspace from October

Report: U.S. status in world will keep falling

Bush approved secret orders for Pakistan raids: report

US oil officials in sex scandal

Conflict fear over Arctic borders

Israel's senior ministers confer urgently on Iran as US masses air-naval might in Middle East waters

The world's largest particle collider successfully completed its first major test.

Officer Kanapsky, is it?

Another criminal US missile strike inside Pakistan

Orthodox Christianity under threat


Pak protests West for civilians' death

When McCain Indirectly Called Hillary a Lipsticked Pig, Well That Was Okay

Iran may be bombastic, but Pakistan has the Bomb

Republican Claims Million $ War Chest Against Kucinich

Slowly I Turned and Step by Step, Inch by Inch, America Falls.

What Is Woodward's 'Secret Weapon' in Iraq?

Scientology Cult faces French trial for fraud, prescribing drugs

Update on CIA drug plane owned by “Donna Blue Aircraft, Inc”

Russia to create electromagnetic super weapon

'Big Bang' experiment starts well

Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance

Russian Navy set for U.S. backyard exercise

Video: Three ways you might be breaking the law with your computer

RoboCops: Professional Policing of Political Protest

Deception and Delusion: Dummies for Democracy

The Red White and Blue Roots of Terrorism

Paul: RNC Slot Would Have Cost Beliefs

CIA forged Habbush's letter

OPEC Considers Cutting Oil Production

China To Launch Space Mission In September

Fox News & Oliver North Involved with U.S. Afghanistan Massacre Cover-up

Russia says Iran nuclear plant nearing completion

Olmert indicted as deputy is accused of war crimes

Our obsession with crime is crushing our freedoms

The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and We Simply Never Talk About It

Ex-CIA Exec Facing Trial Says He'll Expose Agents, Programs (can you say suicide syndrome ?)

Secret killing program is key in Iraq, Woodward says

Are Progressive/Liberal Blogs Being Margalanized By Internet Security Software Vendors?

Kremlin sends nuclear cruiser to Caribbean for first manoeuvres on U.S. doorstep since Cold War

Scientists in Switzerland to do the monster smash

U.S. looks to rebuilding Georgia's military

Afghan president blames "the West" for Islamic extremism

NASA chief blasts US space policy in leaked email

Millions of Iraqis Uprooted—Media Give Little Coverage of Major Crisis

U.S Senate Passing Bills In Secret

Lawsuit: Prevent Cheney from withholding, destroying documents on his exit from office

MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews

16 U.S. Troops Commit Suicide In Iraq

Where Is Korea's Kim Jong Il?

CERN Fires Up Atom Smasher To Near Big Bang

Over 700 Russian scientists part of Large Hadron Collider project

Video Shows Dead Afghan Children After U.S. Raid

Harrowing video film backs Afghan villagers' claims of carnage caused by US troops

Google Satellite Now Watching You From 423 Miles Up


Rogers: U.S. More Communist Than China

Pakistan threatens to retaliate against US

At Least 23 Killed as US Drones Attack School in North Waziristan

Sarkozy's Big Brother Computer System

Bush administration freezes Russia nuclear pact

Massive Takedown of Anti-Scientology Videos on YouTube

Air Force Cyber Command Could Return, With Nukes

Spacecraft flies by remote asteroid, camera stops?

The Bush Administration Is an Ongoing Criminal Conspiracy Under International Law and U.S. Domestic Law

Ron Paul to be added to presidential ballot in Louisiana?

Iran army to hold war games amid speculation over Israeli strike

3 Mossad spies killed in Iraq

And Then We Will Die

Dick Cheney Seeks War on Russia

Kremlin-watchers warn of direct U.S.-Russia clash

US waves goodbye to prosperity and democracy

Dalai Lama's brother dies in US

US losing the moral high ground

Inmates tell of sexual abuse and beatings in Iraq's overcrowded juvenile prison system

Election Observer Arrested in Arizona

Gazprom Moves To Take Over Total In Iran

Russia accuses West of provocation

The Questions That WILL Lead To Your Death

Rice Meets Kadhafi on Historic Libya Visit

Watch the Archived Launch video of GeoEye-1!

Pakistan reserves right to retaliate in future: Gen Tariq

German Defense Minister Slams US Ground Strike in Pakistan

The God machine countdown

Afghans Fed Up With Government, US

Pak stops overland oil supplies to US-led troops in Afghan

The year old, "CIA Coke Plane" story has finally gone mainstream. Score one for supposedly unreliable internet reporting!

US plays both sides in the Philippines

LaRouche: Cheney Trip is a Diversion; Pakistan is the #1 Target

Forecasting the Future May Be a Matter of Fun and Games


6 ex-Soviet neighbors back Russia over Georgia

Report: UN to demand Israel pay Lebanon $1 billion

Dick Cheney tells Ukraine's leaders to unite in face of Russian threat

Generation We's Apollo Project

Polish agents tell of CIA jails

Moscow is Becoming the New Capital of Cool

Bhutto Widower elected Pakistan President


Israeli Navy shoots at Gaza fishermen and international volunteers

GAZA: 1st September 2008, the first day of Ramadan, several volunteers with the Free Gaza Movement and the International Solidarity Movement accompanied a small fleet of seven fishing vessels from Gaza City port.

The Iran War - How It Will Begin

Ron Paul Delegate: 'The Republicans Are Nazis'

Why We Were Falsely Arrested

Work of Evil: Beyond the Worst-Case Scenario in Somalia

Intruders shot after Texas couple wrests shotgun

Blackwater Army In Iraq...

US warship confronts Russian military in 'tinderbox' port

Giant pyramid capable of housing one million people to be built in Dubai

Australia gets first female governor-general

Hot Docs: Defending Georgia, Girls Married by 15, the Chemical BPA, and More

Rage Guitarist: Government Sponsored Terror "Embedded in the DNA" Of American Politics

DEA terrorizes Los Angeles next with their 'museum' exhibit

Congress About To Pour Lighter Fluid On Iran

New call to shoppers to stop buying Israeli goods, especially from illegal Israeli settlements, and to supermarkets to stop stocking such goods

US invade Pakistan — but no complaints from the 'international community'

'US troops are committing war crimes'

US Hypocrisy Reaches Critical Mass

Local Student Injured in RNC Protest

Secret Service confiscates books & buttons from Ron Paul delegates - Updated

Army: Soldier suicide rate may set record again

Biden denies report: 'No one's talking about pursuing Bush criminally'

Homeland Security Scales Back Plan to Screen Cars and Cargo With Radiation Detectors

War Preps: Israel Building Underground Hospitals

Ecuador Giving U.S. Air Base The Boot

Ex-lobbyist Abramoff sentenced to four years by judge

Russia Strives To Halt US Backed Yom Kippur Nuclear Attack On Iran

Russian nationalist advocates Eurasian alliance against the U.S.

A Major War: Not Just Rumors

Judge says gov't must produce waterboarding memos

Obama Might Pursue Criminal Charges Against Bush

A Heartbroken Groom in Nangarhar

Baghdad reaches agreement with Kurds

Russia boosts Topol ICBM to beat U.S. defenses

Cheney colleague admits bribery in Halliburton oil deals

Pak protests civilians' death in US raid

Russia says will complete Iran nuclear plant

Journalist Amy Goodman confronts police chief over her arrest

Provision allows certain agencies to with hold information from records requesters

Thai government tries to shut down 400 websites

Homeland seizures border on fascism

Military units provide show of force at GOP convention

Saudi coup against King Abdullah fails

Georgia Mobilizes Commando Units Near S.Ossetia - Russian Military

Police Terrorize Children, Reporters and Other Dangerous Criminals

Putin Orders US Ships In Black Sea Destroyed

Putin fires warning over Nato presence in Black Sea

N.Korea seen reassembling nuclear facility

Police use 'chemical munitions' at RNC

The Land of the Silent and the Home of the Fearful

"Five women beaten and buried alive in Pakistan 'honour killing'";

RNC: Cop Attacked
St. Paul police officer dragging a "black bloc" protester away from a bus, only to get tackled from behind. The officer sprayed a chemical agent all around him but ultimately lost the suspect and called for backup. Video by Conduit.

US Accelerates Plans For World War III With New And Vicious Attacks

Ron Paul holds GOP counter-convention

War Criminal backs McCain for president

Saakashvili a 'political corpse'

Scientists sue to stop 'black hole' from sucking up Earth

'Washington's Mideast plan in vain'

3 charged in terror plot in Germany

Cheney to rally U.S. allies in Russia's backyard

Fox host: RNC protesters should just be left in jail

Is The End Of Unlimited Internet Near?

Spies-for-Hire Raking in the Cash

The Bush Regime's Imperial Affirmation: Endless War, Endless Conquest, Endless Repression

Stop the Arrests of Journalists. Sign the Letter

VIDEO: McCain Campaign Tries To Block Ron Paul From Convention Floor

283 Arrested in Monday's RNC Protests in St. Paul, Minn.

Five women beaten and buried alive in Pakistan 'honour killing'

Thailand imposes state of emergency

Turkey restricts trade with Russia

Thousands gather for RNC protest

Legal bid to stop CERN atom smasher from 'destroying the world'

SAS kills hundreds of terrorists in 'secret war' against al-Qaeda in Iraq

Russia threatens to supply Iran with top new missile system as 'cold war' escalates

South Ossetians cry 'genocide'

McCain shuts down Party convention

US police arrest 9 anti-war protesters


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